Our Partners

Broderies Leveaux 

We are proud to have partnered with one of the very few remaining French embroidery houses, Broderies Leveaux, for the creation of our first capsule. We have had the most incredible experience working with the inimitable Benjamin, whose great grandfather founded the company in 1937. 


Benjamin's grandfather when he joined the family business, age 14, in 1951.

In November 2019, we had the opportunity to visit their wonderful factory located in the Hauts-de-France region, delve into their cavernous archives and meet the inspiring artisans behind the creation of their exquisite embroideries. 



Broderies Leveaux's original machinery dating back to the early 1900s

Although many processes in the creation of embroidery have become modernised over time, at Broderies Leveaux hands-on skill and specialist knowledge is still required throughout the process - from initially sketching the design by hand, to manually cutting the tulle after manufacture and checking every inch of the embroidery for faults.

High-level skill and detail is required at every stage from the lovely craftsmen and women of Broderies Leveaux who have honed their skills over decades working for the company. 


Our exclusive embroidery in Oat during production

Embroidery is an art-form that should be adored, valued and supported for centuries to come.