The delicate nature of the materials used in the construction of our garments means that they require a little extra love and care. We recommend following the below steps to get the most out of your Coutille lingerie!

Washing your delicates 

We strongly recommend hand washing your delicates in warm water using alcohol-free detergent to prevent any loss of colour or damage to the elastics. We particularly recommend using lingerie-specific detergents that will be softer on delicate fabrics. 
If you decide to machine wash your delicates - although we strongly advise against this, they must be washed in a protective lingerie bag using an alcohol-free lingerie detergent on a cold water delicates cycle.

Drying your delicates

We recommend hanging your pieces carefully to dry avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.  Hang bras or bustinis from the centre front panel to avoid damage to the straps. 
Do not at any time dry your delicates in a tumble dryer!

 Always check the washing instructions on your Coutille garment’s label if you are unsure at any time or get in touch with us if you have any queries. 

We hope you will enjoy your Coutille pieces wear after wear. 
For any further advice contact us via our contact form or email