Dear Reader...

Our mission at Coutille is to slow down the chain of product creation and produce purpose-driven products of the highest quality. To achieve this, craftsmanship is at the core of our brand and every product we create. 

We manufacture exclusively in Portugal and Great Britain, using the highest quality materials with a focus on timeless silhouettes that flatter all shapes and sizes. 

Through forming strong partnerships with generation-run family businesses, artisans within their fields, we have brought the highest level of expertise into the crafting of our pieces so that we can offer the most unique, visionary pieces that look as sumptuous as they feel.


About Coutille 


 Founded in 2020, Coutille started out as a lingerie brand backed by our expertise in crafting exquisite underwear using the most delicate textiles from intricate leavers lace to the lightest french embroidery.

We later identified that there still exists an innate fascination with the nostalgia-fuelled allure of these precious materials, originally synonymous with lingerie, and that the slip dress is the way for us to bring these fabrics into our everyday wardrobes, thus the 24:7 Slip Dress was born. 

In August 2022 we launched our 24:7 Slip Dress to an unbelievable response and it has sold out continually since. With a mission to combine unique design with everyday versatility, we discovered that the Slip Dress embodies the sensuality and femininity of traditional lingerie for the contemporary woman.  


The Founder 


 “Creating a truly beautiful garment takes time. We need to respect this and appreciate its value. Working in a sustainable manner comes naturally when we work to the strengths of our suppliers and resist the unnecessary pressures of fast fashion - that culture is worlds away from what we are creating here.” 



Coutille is founded by Hannah Farrugia Sharples, an established lingerie designer with specialist knowledge on incorporating lingerie-based fabrics and techniques into womenswear design. 


With over a decade of experience in industry, she has trained with couturier Iris van Herpen, designed luxury and couture collections for Italian lingerie brand La Perla and led the design direction for London-based lingerie brand, Coco de Mer. Her lingerie-inspired ready-to-wear designs have been worn by high profile clients from Rita Ora and Halle Berry to Hailey Bieber and Mary J. Blige.


As a female designer, she has always crafted designs of beauty and sensuality to inspire confidence and empowerment in the wearer. It is these qualities she hopes will become synonymous with Coutille.